COMMUNITY ACTION ALLIANCE FOR NSW (CAAN) formed in November 2014 when despite the NSW Government Planning Laws being defeated in November 2013 development was forging ahead.

Where we live has been rezoned for high-rise Precincts and now medium-density of duplex, terraces, townhomes and manor homes across our low-rise suburbs for the 100% sell-off to foreign buyers particularly from China.

Where were the rallies? Why were people engaged in writing endless submissions to be ignored?

MEANWHILE … the subliminal messages continued …


SO we set about looking into what was behind this …

SINCE 2009 there has been much media reporting of the wealthy Baby Boomers living in
$Million Mansions enjoying their investments, collecting pensions while denying Millennials the opportunity of entering the First Home Buyers market let alone affordable rentals as they pay the taxes to benefit the Boomers …

SPIN targeting Millennials to create resentment to shift the blame to people who largely spent their lives working to pay off their homes and raise their families … to draw attention away from what was going on!

At CAAN we joined the dots!

BECAUSE what happened in 2008, we put it to you, that the Developer Lobby – the PROPERTY COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA and the URBAN TASKFORCE went to the Australian Government and said: “We are going broke … you have to fix this! We have a plan for you … let’s build and sell up to 100 per cent of our new dwellings off the plan to foreign buyers!”

THEY succeeded in pulling off the “BIGGEST STING” …. ouch!  A giant PONZI Scheme!

WHAT this means is that the developer lobby are building new dwellings … homes for foreign buyers.  Not only apartments but cottages, and now with the New Housing Code of Medium-Density, duplex, townhouses, rows of terraces, manor homes ….

TO ensure the longevity of the STING the FIRB ruling change of 2008 was implemented in 2009.

AND the second tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation (the AML L) for the Real Estate Sector (RE Agents, lawyers, accountants, conveyancers …. ) has been shelved for a decade.

Again shelved early 2018!

It appears to have been indefinitely deferred! There is no legislation to prevent money laundering in Australian Real Estate!

This allows the PROXY (the onshore buyers agent) to purchase not only “new” homes but established homes and to avoid the higher Stamp Duty, fees and surcharges for foreign buyers introduced by the Turnbull Government.

AS reported in the Australian Financial Review 70 PC of Chinese pay cash to buy Australian Homes Sparking Money Laundry Worry!

And Credit Suisse reports subce that this has risen to 82 PC of Chinese pay cash to buy Australian Real Estate!


The Great Australian Dream Gone … thanks to LNP Government policies …

A whole Cohort of Australians have been denied the opportunities of those who have gone before them!

At CAAN we share information … the Facts, and lobby politicians and parties to restore fairness and balance … to do the right thing by the Constituency.

We hope communities will use the information we provide to challenge our Governments, and we recommend they start with their local MPs!   It is time for PAYBACK … for their Big Ignore and Flick Pass …

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Message CAAN, or contact us by email: communityactionallce@gmail.com

Together we can achieve good outcomes!